Cherry On The Cake

For All Those ​Special Occasions


Anniversary Cake

50th Anniversary cake

2 tier anniversary cake with edible photos framed.

Anniversary cake Celebrating 50 years

Carnation 2 tier cake to 

celebrate 60 years.

Wired iris cake celebrating 50 years

Mermaids to celebrate 30 years of marriage

40th Wedding Anniversary cake

40th Anniversary cake

25th Wedding Anniversary Cake

Full of special memories

2 tier cake to celebrate 50 years of wedded bliss !

Anniversary cake to celebrate 60 years.

Roses and gyp cake to celebrate 60 years of marriage.

Pearl Anniversary cake

25th Anniversary cake

3 tier ruffle cake

Celebrating 25 years with lots of memories.

Golden wedding Anniversary Cake

Celebrating Jenny and Mikes 50th Anniversary with this 3 tier rose featured cake.

An elegant cake to celebrate 

60 years 

3 tier Anniversary cake.

60th Anniversary cake

Joint Birthday and Anniversary cake.

Memories cake

Silver wedding anniversary cake.

50th Wedding Anniversary cake